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1973-01-06 ABBA with Inger Brundin on "Disco" with 'People Need Love.'

1973-01-07 Recordings for Ted Gärdestad's second album. All four ABBA members involved.
1973-01-09 Meeting at Michael Tretow's place, discussing the recording of 'Ring Ring' of next day.
1973-01-10 Backing track of 'Klocklåt', working title of 'Ring Ring'.
1973-01-17 Mixing 'Ring Ring' Swedish version plus the demo version to be send to Neil Sedaka.
1973-01-25 Recording 'Me And Bobby And Bobby's Brother' and two other songs not written by Björn & Benny were recorded today

1973-02-07 Rehearsals and preparations for Swedish Songcontest.
1973-02-08 Preparations for Swedish Songcontest.
1973-02-09 Preparations for Swedish Songcontest.

1973-02-10 Swedish Songcontest takes place. 'Ring Ring' finishes third.

Ring Ring at Swedish contest
1973-02-14 Release single 'Ring Ring' ('Bara Du Slog En Signal' (Swedish) - 'Ah, Vilka Tider'.
1973-02-19 Release single 'Ring Ring' (English)' - 'She's My Kind Of Girl'.
1973-02-23 Linda Ulvæus is born today. This means a period of rest for Agnetha.
1973-02-27 Agnetha and Björn give a press conference at the hospital, 4 days after Linda's birth.

1973-03-14 First recordings of 'Disillusion' and 'Love Isn't Easy (but It Sure Is Hard Enough)'.
1973-03-15 Work on the 1970 track of 'I Saw It In The Mirror'.
1973-03-20 Björn, Benny, Frida and the German substitute for Agnetha, Inger Brundin, embark on a promotion tour through Germany, Austria, Holland and Belgium.
1973-03late ABBA with Inger Brundin on Austrian television show Spotlight with 'People Need Love' and 'Ring Ring'.

Benny, Björn, Inger Brundin and Frida on Spotlight

1973-03late ABBA with Inger Brundin on Belgian TV show with 'People Need Love' and 'Ring Ring'.

1973-03-26 Release LP 'Ring Ring' with Swedish version of 'Ring Ring'.

1973-04-09 ABBA attend the 'Expressen Annual Spring Party' in a Stockholm restaurant.

1973-06  Release single 'Love Isn't Easy (But It Sure Is Hard Enough)' - 'I Am Just A Girl'.
1973-06-06 ABBA on tv show Popzien with Ring Ring.

1973-06-15 Start of the first folkpark tour with 80 concerts. Although ABBA was planning to perform mostly at weekends, offers for more concerts poured in after the 'Ring Ring' succes. There were even days with three gigs. At a certain moment, Frida noticed that she had lost 9 kilos due to the rushy car rides and Agnetha longed for her baby daughter Linda more and more.
This first concert was in Liseberg Park Gothenburg today. 

ABBA in Liseberg Park
The reviews of this first performance were mixed. The first mentioned a motivated ABBA who wanted to give the audience more than only their music by wearing outrageous clothing. The other review wrote that the foursome should have been a little more spontaneous, but the overall appreciation was 'excellent'.
1973-06-16 Concert in Rättvik at 9 pm., followed by a gig in Avest at 24.00
Performance on 16 June 1973

1973-06-17 Concerts in Högsjö (4 pm), Arjäng (9 pm) and Amotfors (11 pm) tonight.

1973-06-20 ABBA filmed two perfomances for Danish television with 'Love Isn't Easy' and 'Ring Ring'. 'Ring Ring' aired on the programme "Sommerlørdag" on July 7.

"Love Isn't Easy"

1973-06-22 Concerts in Lappvattnet (10 pm) and Lycksele (1 pm)
1973-06-23 Concerts in Överkalix (9.30 pm) and Tärandö at midnight.
1973-06-30 Concerts in Östervala (10 pm) and Gävle at midnight.

1973-07-01 Concerts in Söderbykarl (5 pm) and Stockholm (Kungsträdergarden) at 7.30 pm.
1973-07-04 Concert in Gamleby for 3542 people.
1973-07-05 Concert in Simonstorp at 10 pm.
1973-07-06 Concert in Oskarshamm at 11 pm.
1973-07-07 Concerts in Södertälje (10 pm) and Mariefred (10.30 pm).
1973-07-08 Concerts in Grängesberg (7.30 pm) and Dala-Floda (10 pm).
1973-07-13 Concert in Köping.
1973-07-14 Concerts in Säter (9.30 pm) and Borlänge (11.30 pm).
1973-07-15 Concert in Mora at 11 pm.
1973-07-20 Concert in Sunnemo at 11 pm.

Above photos are from the 1973 tour

1973-07-21 Concerts in Lysvik at 9.30 pm and Sysslebäck at midnight.
1973-07-22 Concerts in Kungsbacka at 6 pm and Vegby at 9 pm.

1973-07-23 Recording Spanish lyrics for 'Ring Ring', lyrics for 'Wer Im Wartesaal Der Liebe Steht' (backing track of 'Another Town, Another Train) and German lyrics for 'Ring Ring'. Also an instrumental backing track for 'Ring Ring' was recorded today for tv-performances.
Reading the review of the folkpark tour

1973-07-27 Concerts in Viskan and Hammarstrand.
1973-07-28 Concert in Noraström at 9.30 pm.
1973-07-29 Concert in Svenstravik.

1973-08-03 Concerts in Alstermo at 9 pm and Kalmar at 11.30 pm.
1973-08-04 Concerts in Mariestad at 9.15 pm and Falköping at 11.30 pm.
1973-08-05 Concerts in Lerdala at 4.30 pm and Trädet at 7 pm.
1973-08-11 Concert in Kiruna.
1973-08-12 Concert in Skelleftea.
ABBA and Erik Björklund in Bursiljum, Skellefteå

1973-08-14 Concert in Söderhamm at 9 pm.
1973-08-15 Concert in Östersund: Jamtli at 7.30 pm.
1973-08-17 Concert in Nykroppa at 10.30 pm.
1973-08-18 Concert in Hofors.
1973-08-20 Concert in Stockholm (Malmen Club) at midnight.
1973-08-24 Concert in Österbybruk at 10.30 pm.
1973-08-25 Concerts in Örebro (9.30 pm) and Kristinehamn at midnight.
1973-08-26 Concert in Karlstad at 3 pm.

ABBA in Karlstad

1973-08-31 Concert in Mysen (Norway.

photos taken by a fan

Polar label's 10th anniversary.
Stig, ABBA and Ted are holding the aniversary compilation 'Sånt som slog'.

1973-09-01 Concerts in Karlskoga at 9 pm and Vretstorp at 11 pm.

1973-09-02 Concerts in Göteborg (LOBO restaurant).
1973-09-07 New recording sessions for the upcoming album start today and a concert in Sölvesbo is given at 8.30 pm
1973-09-08 The last concert of the tour is given in Malmö at 8 pm.
1973-09-24 Backing track of 'Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)'.

1973-10-16 Backing tracks of 'Where The Sunshine Is, a working title of 'Suzy-Hang-Around' and 'Turn Out The Light, a working title of 'My Mama Said'. Today the 4 letter word 'ABBA' was used for the first time.
1973-10-17 Backing tracks of 'Baby, I Won't Come Back, a working title of 'What About Livingstone' and 'Honey, Honey'.
1973-10-24 String overdubs for 'Honey Honey'.

1973-11-14 Backing track of 'Mr. Sex, a working title of 'King Kong Song'.

1973-12-13 Backing track of 'I'm Gonna Sing You A Love Song, a working title of 'Gonna Sing You My Lovesong'.
1973-12-17 Backing tracks of 'Waterloo' and 'Watch Out'.
1973-12-18 Backing tracks of 'Who's Gonna Love You', a working title of 'Hasta Mañana' and 'Sitting In A Palmtree'.